Are you experiencing a power outage? Are any of your lights dimming?

Did you know that most cases are covered by Hydro-Quebec? There is no need for you to unnecessarily pay for an electrician.
Save yourself some money.

Here’s how it’s handled

The first step is to call Hydro-Quebec (info) as soon as you are aware of the problem. They will tell you if it was a scheduled shut down on their part, or an outage affecting your area. If it isn’t, they will advise you to call a licensed Master electrician who, upon arrival, will be able to determine the cause and tell you if it is covered by Hydro-Quebec. If it is, Hydro Quebec will handle the billing.

Simply put – We are here to help you get a quick and efficient solution to your electrical problems rather than the frustration and exasperation of taking incorrect actions.

We’re here to help you.